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NOW treatment of Hair Loss in Women and Men at Abyssinia Hair & Beauty Clinic
You Don't Have to Give In to Hair Loss Anymore
FDA-cleared LLLT (Low Laser Light Therapy) devices are both safe and effective 

in patients with male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss who did 

not respond or were not tolerant to standard treatments

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"Laser Hair Therapy News"

FDA has now approved 11 laser for hair regrowth*! It’s been featured for years on ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox News, 

and most recently on the Doctor’s TV show. One recent study showed* :

> 100% of the subjects saw an increase in hair growth

> 97% increased hair count equal to or greater than 20%

> 77% of the subjects increase of greater than or equal to 51%

Laser hair therapy is a safe, effective, FDA cleared treatment for 

men and women experiencing mild to moderate androgenic alopecia, 

or hereditary hair loss. Low level laser emissions stimulate new 

blood flow to the scalp, awakening hair follicles and in many 

instances leading to enhanced growth.

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About laser hair therapy:-

> 86% of patients regrowth hair while 11% stopped loosing hair.

How Does Laser Hair Therapy Work?

Low-level light therapy is similar to watering plants. In this analogy, our scalp is the plant, 

while the laser is the water. The scalp absorbs energy from the laser, which stimulates hair 

follicles and distributes blood supply and nutrients in the process. As a result, low-level 

light therapy promotes hair regrowth, the same way water helps a plant grow.

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Facts About Hair Loss

Hair defines many things for a woman –personality, attractiveness, success, health and social status, 

just to name a few. Losing it can have a dramatic effect on both self esteem and social life. 

Many women feel that with their hair, they've lost a large part of who they are.

For Men....

Hair loss is one of the biggest challenges for men who want to maintain a youthful, virile appearance 

as they age. Studies suggest that 25 percent of men with hereditary male pattern baldness start losing 

their hair before the age of 21. By the age of 35, approximately 66 percent of men will have experienced 

some degree of hair loss. The number of men with significantly thinner hair climbs to 85% by the age of 50.

Traditionally, there was little men could do to maintain their hair. Shampoos with artificial fillers 

claim to improve hair volume. Topicals with drugs like minoxidil can help stimulate some hair growth. 

Wigs and toupés cover but don’t solve the problem. And hair transplant surgery rarely looks great, 

needs constant maintenance, and costs an arm and a leg.

Efficacy and Safety of Low-Level Laser Devices for Hair Growth

Lasers may have once been the domain of science fiction, but today, the powerful light and energy that 

lasers emit are very real and are used in a wide range of ways in industry – and medicine. In the field 

of hair restoration, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has proven its value, safety, and effectiveness in 

strengthening hair and encouraging follicle growth.

At the Abyssinia Hair Beauty Clinic, we have used LLLT devices such as HairMax Laser-comb (tm) with 

tremendous success. We offer these treatments to all hair loss patients to promote or stabilize 

hair loss, both as a post-operative adjunct to hair transplant surgery or as stand-alone hair 

restoration treatment.  

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

LLLT nourishes hair by sending pulses of energy into inactive follicles. These pulses “spark” dormant 

follicles back into a regrowth phase by jump-starting proper circulation and cellular respiration. 

The hair-stimulating energy is delivered to the scalp through the use of specialized comb, caps, 

or domes.

After a hair transplant, LLLT helps bring blood, oxygen, and nutrients to balding areas, enhancing the 

effects of the surgery. Even the most successful hair transplants can face some stubborn and 

uncooperative follicles which resist regrowth. LLLT can get those reluctant follicles in gear 

and stimulate their growth.

Is LLLT Effective?

Decades of clinical research prove that LLLT works. Researchers who conducted a comprehensive 2016 review 

of 21 earlier studies involving LLLT devices for the treatment of hair loss concluded that 

“FDA-cleared LLLT devices are both safe and effective in patients with male pattern hair loss and female 

pattern hair loss who did not respond or were not tolerant to standard treatments.”

Is LLLT Safe?

All of the LLLT devices and treatments that we offer at the Abyssinia Hair Beauty Clinic are approved by 

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of hair loss in men and women. None of the many 

studies performed on LLLT for hair loss have revealed any safety concerns or significant adverse effects.

Non-invasive, unlike surgery, and non-biochemical, unlike medication, LLLT is an attractive hair loss 

restoration option that you should discuss with an experienced hair loss physician or licensed trichologist. 
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