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Standing & Adjustable Desks, Monitor Arms, & Chairs
Feel better by standing while you work by standing and moving

Stop sitting all day and feel better at work! is based right here in Renton and we sell adjustable desks, standing desks, sit-stand desks, monitor arms, standing height drafting stools, and other products to help you feel better while you work. Eronomics and regular movement are the two keys to greater productivity.
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Many people have been referring to sitting as the new smoking. That certainly is graphic but it isn't really true. Being sedentary does have a variety of consequences for your body and those can have consequences for your health. When you sit at work for extended periods of time your body slows down. When your body slows down you don't feel as well, your brain gets less blood, you feel less alert, and you burn fewer calories.

By sitting, standing, and moving for short periods throughout the day you help your body remain active even though you're in the same place. Your core muscles stay on, your heart stays above it's base pulse, and your brain gets more stimulation. I recommend that folks stand for 15-20 minutes per hour and walk or move for 5 minutes per hour.

Another great opportunity to improve your desk situation is to get your ergonomics correct. The top of your monitor(s) need to be at eye level. Your keyboard needs to be an ergonomic one, not a straight line, and it needs to be at the right height. If you're standing you need good shoes or a standing mat or both to keep your ancles, knees, hips, and back feeling good. Your mouse should be a ball so that you don't have to move your arm, just your fingers or even better yet, just your thumb.

There are so many benefits to having an ergonomically sound desk setup and the ability to sit, stand, or walk while you work. is all about helping you achieve greatness at your desk. Come on over to the website and reach out to Jeff to find out how he can help you. 

Since you're in the Renton area, I'd be happy to stop by for an ergonomic review if you would like to learn more.

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