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2017 New Teachers Celebration Welcome Breakfast

Dear Friends,

Please join the Renton Chamber of Commerce and our Renton community in welcoming new teachers to Renton.

First, you can choose to help by donating any of your company’s logo and promotional items, ie. Starbucks coffee cups, Renton Printery scratch paper pads, DOK Insurance Agency Wall Calenders. WE CAN USE YOUR HELP with your donations into the SWAG BAGS that are prepared for each of the 200+ new Renton teachers. Ask yourself, “What could a teacher (or me if I was a teacher), what could I use “ in the way of supplies, gift cards, motivational.inspirational tools, sports paraphernalia, etc. We need quantities of 200+ items, or whatever you can donate in bulk numbers. Thank You.

Also, in the past, we have organized with our chamber members, a list of HOT DEALS in which member businesses have publicly offered “teacher discounts” for our new teachers to redeem for a specified time duration, discounts for a week of the Teachers Welcome Breakfast, Aug. 23- Aug 30. The chamber will help get the word out by posting HOT DEALS on the website, with outgoing marketing efforts on Facebook, Twitter, email blasts to our membership and a highlight flyer included in the SWAG BAG.

If you do decide to contribute to the SWAG BAG, please drop off your donated items to the chamber office BEFORE Aug 16, so we have time to sort and assemble the invaluable gift bag.

Also, you and your business can show your active support for our Renton teachers by the usual ways of chamber support, (1) sponsor one or several teachers tickets to the event; (2) consider a sponsorship to the event. (3) and of course, come celebrate with the new teachers and BE THERE.

For more information about this landmark event, please click on the hyperlink here.

Also, if you should have any questions, concerns, or great ideas about the SWAG BAG, or how we are actively supporting our teachers with the New Teachers Celebration, please do call into the Chamber, ask for Vicky, Ben, and our newest staff, Marcie Palmer.  Or myself, Charlie Schmidt, ambassador, fellow member, owner.

***Please do call in or reply back to this email with your YES commitment and give us and the staff a headsup on what and how much you are willing to donate to the SWAG BAG. Thank You!

Very best,

Charlie Schmidt

Ph. 425-260-3262, or look me up in under Legal Shield DBA Charlie Schmidt

Offer Valid: August 2, 2017August 24, 2017
Renton Chamber of Commerce