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what is your THE BIG PROBLEM TO FIX at work or at home? Solve it and SAVE 90%
Dear Owner, 

Hi I am Charlie B Schmidt, a small business consultant & insurance broker 

I offer something unique special different

I Offer affordable experts advice save 90-75%

just calling to introduce myself and see if you 

have time for a short appt or 2-3 minute phone

call to get to know your business and you deeper. 

In an effort to get to know you what is the Big Problem to Fix

personal or work? 

How's your P/L at work or home?

How about dealing with Higher Prices, Everywhere, Right? 

If no to appt or phone call, can leave send you a one page

proposal flyer, or can I call and try back in 6 months? 

If you are interested please just reply back to this email via email reply, or 

by phone call or text message, or fax. ph. 425-260-3262 (texts OK). 

I offer people and small businesses (and their owners) affordable expert advice, consultations and solutions in legal, small business consulting, personal and commercial insurances, identity theft protection and repair, often for example, I can get you a local lawyer for $25, a doctor for $20, a small business consultant like a CPA or Sales.Marketing expert, or Website SEO consult for just $39. 

Let's talk or meet soon, or share info back and forth via email or text. 

Why Pay More? Improve that P/L at work or at home with affordable expert advice and protection plans and save 90%- 75%- 33%. 

Free No Obligation quote proposals, Month-to-Month, No Long-Term obligations, use the plans when and how long you need them to solve YOUR BIG PROBLEM TO FIX, cancel anytime. 

Hope this helps. 

Very best, 

Charlie B. Schmidt

Owner, licensed Agent, Independent Associate, Broker

Legal Shield IDShield Small Biz Plans

Farmers Insurance

ph. 425-260-3262 (texts OK) 

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phone: (425) 260-3262
Offer Valid: September 19, 2019September 30, 2021
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