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Coronavirus Update: A Message to Our Current and Prospective Members
during times of uncertainty, the need for sound legal help is heightened. GET AFFORDABLE EXPERT LEGAL ADVICE ONCALL ONLINE HERE

Coronavirus Update: A Message to Our Current and Prospective Members
March 16, 2020

There is a lot going on in the world right now and we all remain vigilant and attentive. 
We recognize that during times of uncertainty, the need for sound legal help is heightened. 
We want to reassure our members that we stand ready to serve your legal needs. 
We are prepared and are open with full service for LegalShield Members.  

We are here if you have legal concerns regarding:

Travel plans and restrictions, cancellations and reimbursements
Healthcare access and availability
Medical forms, healthcare directives and powers of attorney
Insurance processes and claims
Housing matters and related bills for essential services
Childcare concerns and education and school needs or resources

Your LegalShield provider law firm stands open and ready for business to support you at this 
time. We are prepared and will provide services without interruption. Now is the time to 
take comfort and have peace of mind that you are not alone and we are here to help. 
We’ve invested in the technology that will allow us to continue to receive your calls 
and answer your questions. 

LegalShield provider law firms are here to answer any questions that might arise regarding 
the COVID-19 crisis. As this situation continues to shift, we are focused on helping you 
steer through the volatility. Our teams will be steady, adaptable and resilient.

This is not intended to be legal advice. States laws can vary. 
Please contact your provider law firm for any legal advice or assistance.

PLEASE DO CALL OR CONTACT CHARLIE B SCHMIDT, independant associate, broker, 
local Renton owner, chamber member, for more information or for help and
assistance to purchase Legal Shield for yourself, your family, or your 
business. It is unique, different and special, it is truely affordable. 
***Just $25 for individual personal family uses, just $40 per month for 
professional or work uses.***

Get unlimited not hourly billed direct oncall and online consulations and 
advice with a local lawyer and law firm FOR ONE WHOLE MONTH. Call them once, 
twice or fifty times. Use it only to solve Your Big Problem To Solve. 
Cancel Anytime, Re-join AGAIN when the need arises. Not Insurance. 
No surcharges or penalities for high utilizations. 


Call Charlie anytime at ph. 425-260-3262 (texts accepted too). 

or vet and research for yourself at or
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phone: (425) 260-3262
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