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I would like to request a brief meeting with you to discuss ideas that can save your company time and money. For more than 75 years, Colonial Life has helped America's workers preserve and protect the vitally important things they've worked so hard to build. We're committed to helping our customers provide outstanding personal insurance products and extraordinary customer service, while reducing the overall financial burdens they face in these days of rising health insurance costs.

Rising health insurance (employee benefits) costs. I help decision makers like you deal with the rising costs of healthcare and retaining those key employees. I wanted to talk to you and share best practices from other local business owners about some strategies we’ve developed to help business owners deal with the high costs of healthcare and EE benefits. NO COST OPTIONS! Interested?


At no direct cost to you, we can provide proven solutions for your benefit challenges:


„ Cost management-

Help manage increasing costs with our voluntary benefits and tax savings.


„ Administrative time savings-

Simplify the enrollment process, as well as day-to-day management of your voluntary benefits.


„Benefits communication and education-

Improve your employees’ understanding and appreciation of the benefits you provide, which can help increase their satisfaction and loyalty.


„Employee financial protection-

Provide a sound benefits package that will attract and retain high-performing employees.


Based on current trends, health premiums are certain to increase. Consequently, many employers are forced to transfer additional costs to their employees or slim down their overall benefits package. Our goal is to help you reduce your overall costs and simplify your current benefits administration issues – creating a well-rounded, healthier benefits program. Employees need a strong financial safety net. With our variety of benefits, you can provide your employees help with the protection they need. During our meeting, I would like to show you how Colonial Life will fit into your benefits program, working alongside your current benefit carriers.


Please contact me to schedule a convenient time for us to discuss the time- and cost-saving employee benefit solutions available to your business. You can reach me at ph. 425-260-3262 or by email

I JUST NEED A TIME INVESTMENT OF JUST 5-10 minutes tops. You can reach me at ph. 425-260-3262 or by email

We can do this appointment in person in your office, or just over the phone.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Benefits Specialist, Agency Sales Representative

Colonial Life

ph. 425-260-3262 direct mobile, texts OK


$ save 30% less vs. Aflac, others

$ NO COST to you the owner, the business voluntary supplemental benefits package

$ tax savings, lower payroll taxes, tax deductions on premiums for owner, Ees, pre-tax savings

$ save 30% less on HR workloads, 30% less time spent on admin time by HR, payroll, Ops Mgrs.

$ Free Wellness programs, discount card

FREE Wellness, healthcare, financial service programs, Value-added programs for free, complimentary


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phone: (425) 260-3262
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