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Healthcare that focuses on health because healthy workers are good business
Health care costs: Still breaking the bank

Health care costs: Still breaking the bank

Just how real is the working man’s – and woman’s – struggle? Pretty real: A staggering 65
percent of employees have less than $1,000 on hand to pay out-of-pocket expenses associated with an unexpected serious illness or accident. It’s not unrealistic to say that an overwhelming number of
Americans are just one serious illness or injury from financial disaster.

health care costs, including deductibles, copayments, premiums and out-of-pocket expenses, continue to rise.

One solution is by providing access to voluntary insurance products that can help offset the high cost of health care. Voluntary policies work hand in hand with major medical insurance by paying costs major medical insurance was never intended to cover. Because
benefits are paid directly to policyholders, unless otherwise assigned, employees can use them to help pay deductibles and copayments, or even put them toward housing costs,
utility bills, car payments and other bills that continue to roll in when they’re too sick or hurt to work.

Your workers depend on having the right benefits. Voluntary insurance lets you offer them more robust coverage at no direct cost to your company because premiums are paid by employees who elect to enroll.

EverMed Direct Primary Care is a healthcare solution which provides a sense of certainty in an uncertain healthcare environment. Offering comprehensive primary care services at
fixed costs, employers can get a better handle on their employee healthcare benefits while  offering the best of care. Providing reduced cost laboratory and pharmacy services along
 with a host of vetted point of care solutions, we lower costs for the both the employer and the employee. Provided as a voluntary benefits paid by the employee, or offered as a fringe benefit thru employer-paid benefits.

Healthcare that focuses on health, because healthy employees is good business.

What We Offer.

EverMed is on the forefront of bringing the DPC concept to the Pacific Northwest.

Every EverMed DPC Clinic offers:
•Low Monthly Fees
•Comprehensive Primary Care Services
•Choice of Independent Physician Practice
•Fixed Schedule of Non-covered Services
•Collection of Specialty Providers with Low Fixed Schedule
•No Annual Maximum

EverMed Services DPC Monthly Fee.

Individual    $75

Individual + Spouse, $140

Domestic Partner or Dependent- $140

Individual + Family up to 4- $200

Additional Family Members after 4- $40

Direct Primary Care is not insurance. It is an affordable option for individuals, families and employers to receive quality, local, personal medical care. DPC on its own does not satisfy ACA requirements and is best when paired with an insurance plan.

Healthcare at a fixed cost that won’t raise your blood pressure.

The goal of DPC is to reduce variability and lower general health care cost. Set monthly  per member fees simplify healthcare billing.

Reducing many layers of administration and questions of health plan coverage, DPC returns  most health care issues to the physician and the patient.

For years, insurance and health care expenditures have become complicated and skyrocketed in cost. Trips to the doctor have become a financial mystery. Adopting a set monthly fee for employee and personal medical costs allows for more controlled forecasting of expenditures.

For more information and details, see the website  see individuals, employers, FAQs.

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