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Insurance 101 Interactive Q/A Workshops- What DO you REALLY need to know about Insurance!
Insurance is more than just LOWEST PRICES! Like what else? Come find out. Learn from local experts, local chamber members.

How about attend a short, fun, interesting interactive Q/A workshop LIVE and in-person, and ask some 

friendly fun local insurance experts, ask them your questions, or share your complaints. 

Here we have a panel of chamber member insurance agents, from all types of insurances. Life, Personal, Auto, Home, PC, Commercial, Health, Medicare, Travel, Pet, Disability, HR Benefits, Legal, etc. 

We will make a 1-2 hour interactive workshop where 2-3 presenters will start a discussion about their specialized area of insurance and then field Q/A from any attendees. 

Bring your questions, bring copies of your Declaration Pages or Policy documents for review and comparative evaluations, bring your Billing questions or errors, come bring your best suggestions or your worst complaints and get LIVE advice. Free Second Opinions so you can go back to your insurance agent or insurance company and get the RIGHT SOLUTION or SOLVE that unsolvable complaint or insurance problem. 

Here are some possible TOPICS that might be presented and discussed Q/A style. 

insurance 101- the 4 facts you should KNOW

Insurance 101- Asking the Right Questions, Understanding the Answers

Auto Insurance Facts To Know

What Does Homeowners Policies Cover?? 

What Impacts Car Insurance Rates, Prices?

Car Insurance 101- Your Questions Answered

Do You Need An Umbrella Policy? Why? 

Got Questions About Your Car Insurance- We Got The Answers 

Insurance 101- The Basics- Are You COVERED?

Long-Term Care Insurance- 101

Legal Insurance_101_ What Is It? 

Term Life Insurance vs. Permanent Life Insurance

How Life Insurance Works- the timeline, the flow-chart

With Health Insurance  vs. Without Health Insurance- what it really means$

Do You Know what a Personal Umbrella Covers? and Not Covers. 

How A Umbrella Liability Policy Works

Average Cost of Car Insurance By Age

Male Teenage vs. Female Teenage Car Insurance Prices by Age 

Who Pays More For Car Insurance

What Does a Business Owners Policy Cover?

Health Insurance 101 for StartUps and Freelancers 

Dental Insurance 101- Getting the Most $Bang for the Buck$

Travel Insurance

Pet Insurance

Very Renter Should Have Renters Insurance? Why? How Much Does It Cost??

Health Insurance Basics- Understanding Your Plan

Do Rideshare Drivers Have Enough Insurance??

Disability Insurance 101

Health Insurance- Options AFTER Open Enrollment

Life Insurance Basics- What ALL Young People Need to Know 

Possible member agents who will be presenting, hosting and be part of the speakers list are Dom Kunigk (Dom Insurance Brokerage, Agency- independant), Charlie B Schmidt (Legal Shield, Affordables Now LLC), new PC agents (Christyann Laxamama, Metlife), Health (Darcie Guyer, Colonial Life, Guyer NW Benefits), HR Benefits (Manami Imaoka, Colonial Life), Medicare (Samantha George- Humana), Life (Nikki Nakatani- New York Life), Legal (Charlie). 

2-3 insurance agent presenters per workshop, rotating speakers roster. 

1-2 hours, depending on attendance and number of participants. 

meeting site at the Chamber, in the large conference table and big screen tv. seek alternative sites, larger seatings with other members offices. 

Monday or Tuesday nights 7-8pm , and/or Saturday day 12n- 1pm  

Contact Information
phone: (425) 260-3262
Renton Chamber of Commerce