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Protect your driving record and your livelihood UBER LYFT AMAZON DRIVERS
Ride Share Delivery Supplement Essential legal coverage for ride share and delivery drivers *AFFORDABLE*

Protect your driving record and your livelihood

When you drive for a living, the chances of receiving a ticket go up exponentially. Paying fines cuts into your income and points on your driving record can disqualify you from working for popular rideshare and delivery services.

  • Unlimited calls and consultation

  • Document review to protect you

  • 25% discounts on legal matters outside of your plan.


  • Attorney Representation

  • Your membership includes representation by a provider if you are named a defendant in a civil suit.

  • Accidents and Vehicle Damage

  • If the vehicle you depend on to earn a living is damaged by a passenger or other third party, you get up to 2.5 hours for your attorney to consult with you, conduct research and review documents relating to recovering damages (up to $5,000).

  • Moving Violations 

  • Have a provider represent and defend you in court for moving violations related to accidents that occur.

  • Phone Consultation

  • Receive phone consultation on an unlimited number of legal matters.

  • 25% Discounts

  • All other legal services can be obtained for 25% off your provider's hourly fees. Protect your livelihood for a fraction of normal attorney fees.

  • IRS Audit Services

  • Receive legal services if audited by the IRS on your personal tax return for issues related to your ride share and delivery income.

An additional


Low fixed cost legal services membership plan just $25 per month, PLUS the add-on Ride Share Delivery Supplement of $12.95, in total Ride Share Delivery Supplement costs just under $38 per month, Vs. $100s-$1000s per incident, per traditional higher priced traffic lawyers at $300-$400+ per hour, WHY PAY MORE? SAVE over 90% on lawyer fees and legal costs.  


Charlie Schmidt, (425) 260-3262, LegalShield-IDShield, independant associate, broker, sm biz consultant 

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