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SAVE 1/3 TO 1/2 ON YOUR HEALTHCARE PLAN NOW IN 2018-2019 really!
DPC - Direct Primary Care like EverMedDPC and Cost Sharing Ministry HealthShare Plans like Liberty Healthshare

DPC- Direct Primary Care, comprehensive Direct Primary Care, for just $75- $50 per person, per month. 

Not insurance, but a low fixed cost monthly medical membership plan. Retainer medical agreement. 

What is Direct Primary Care?

Genuinely Affordable Fixed-cost Healthcare.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new approach to paying for basic health care services. In most cases, payment for basic care is made directly to the primary care clinic and not through an insurance company.

Some major health plans have also seen the value of the DPC model and allow employers and individuals to adopt DPC plans in lieu of traditional plans.

Direct Primary Care is not insurance. DPC provides access to primary medical services on a per month, membership basis. DPC may be supplemental to traditional insurance programs. We encourage you to take a peek at our Covered Services Menu as well as additional offerings the clinics we serve provide. For complete information, give us a call or bring us up to your licensed broker or insurance consultant.

EverMed is on the forefront of bringing the DPC concept to the Pacific Northwest.

Every EverMed DPC Clinic offers:

  • Low Monthly Fees
  • Comprehensive Primary Care Services
  • Choice of Independent Physician Practice
  • Fixed Schedule of Non-covered Services
  • Collection of Specialty Providers with Low Fixed Schedule
  • No Annual Maximum

Direct Primary Care is not insurance. It is an affordable option for individuals, families and employers to receive quality, local, personal medical care. DPC on its own does not satisfy ACA requirements and is best when paired with an insurance plan.

For Employers.

EverMed Direct Primary Care is a healthcare solution which provides a sense of certainty in an uncertain healthcare environment. Offering comprehensive primary care services at fixed costs, employers can get a better handle on their employee healthcare benefits while offering the best of care. Providing reduced cost laboratory and pharmacy services along with a host of vetted point of care solutions, we lower costs for the both the employer and the employee.


SAVE 40-60% OFF WITH......


Monthly Costs range from as low as $107 per month, to $449 depending on your marital status, single vs. family of 4, age, and program selected. 

Low deductibles (between just $500- $1500 per year,  single, couple, family of 4). 

100% covered medical expenses, up to $1 million maximum per incident coverage. Better than Gold, Silver, or Bronze Plans. 

Liberty's Complete, Plus, and Share Plans, are Gold and Silver-like, no Bronze level plans. 

International medical expenses are allowed. 

Emergency transportation expenses are allowed.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, OR a free Second Opinion (FREE NO Obligation quote, price estimate), Call Charlie Schmidt, local healthcare broker, at Legal Shield- Charlie Schmidt, or ph. 425-260-3262. 

Offer Valid: November 27, 2018November 27, 2019
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