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affordable oncall direct legal consultations with a local lawyer, law firm
ever wish you could just pick up the phone and consult with a lawyer and not worry about the high hourly costs? 
Why Pay More?

I can get you a local lawyer for just $25, not the $250-$350 or more per hour with traditional lawyers. 
Why Pay More when an affordable legal shield lawyer can provide you the same legal consultations and legal services
any traditional lawyer, but for a low fixed flat monthly membership fee. 

Advice, Consultation, and Representation

Legal guidance for common issues, like demand letters or trial defense.

For trial defense, litigation defense, for affordable legal services, i.e. free key contract, key documents reviews, 
free letter writing, and phone calls made by your lawyer on your behalf, a FREE WILL, 
most people use legal services from legal shield to dismiss or reduce speeding tickets, 
for debt collection if someone owes you money, 

or when you are treated unfairly, by another person, a company, the govt, when you get ripped off. 

When promises are broken, like refused refunds, broken guarantees, warranties. For poor customer service! 

When you are improperly billed, when an insurance company refuses to pay a claim. 

For Preventative Law, when seeking legal advice in advance to avoid legal issues, or litigation, or arrest. 

For conflict resolution, when you are being unfairly treated, and you want to know what your rights are, 
and how best to defend them, by yourself, or with the consultation of a lawyer. 

If a local lawyer could be affordable, like just $25, Why Pay More? 

For an uncontested divorce, just $75 for legal fees. Not $10-$20K. Save 75-90% or more. 

For Business Formation options like LLC, Corporation, or Sole Proprietor, for just $149. Why Pay More? 

To be able to get an ASAP Lawyer in Emergency situations, 365/24/7 within 30-45 SECONDS, free of charge as a paid member. 

OR to get a FREE SECOND OPINION....get an overview of a legal issue and consultations on how best to use 
that traditional lawyer cost-effectively first by getting that 2nd Opinion thru the legal shield lawyer first. Be cost conscious and penny wise. Learn how to best utilize the high priced traditional high fee lawyer. 

Seek an affordable Legal Shield local lawyer today. Call or contact Charlie to get started. 

Live More. Worry Less. Everyone deserves affordable legal protection, counsel and advice. Every business, too. 

Legal coverage without the complexity

Your peace of mind is our priority. Our model for legal coverage matches your needs to our services with total transparency. Once you sign up, you’ll have an entire law firm on your side.

Access for all

Legal issues can be costly. But we’ve leveled the playing field. Making access to trusted legal counsel possible for everyone is our mission.

Worry Less, Live More

We believe that by educating, protecting, and serving our members, we can improve their lives dramatically. With a law firm by your side, you can walk through life knowing you are protected every step of the way.

LegalShield is committed to bringing equal access to justice for all. As one of our valued members, LegalShield will strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible and ensure you receive all the benefits you are entitled to with your LegalShield membership. We expect you will be a participant in your legal matter throughout the entire process. Please submit all information, document or details in a timely fashion to allow your attorneys to better help you.  


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