4 Sisters Holistic Remedies

About Us

An Herbal Apothecary in the HEART of Renton.

Founded by Jennifer Leverton, 4 Sisters is a shop , an educational center and a place of healing & community. We are located at 903 S 3rd St, near the Transit Center,in the Central Downtown neighborhood of Renton.

4 Sisters Holistic Remedies is based upon the strong belief in the human body, mind and spirits’ innate ability to heal and find homeostasis.

4 Sisters is dedicated to organics. Every herb, spice, burnable, resin and tea we carry is organic. The benefits of supporting the organic movement and moving toward an organic lifestyle are immeasurable.

A celebration of all things natural, 4 Sisters offers an extraordinary selection of Western medicinal herbs, herbal supplements, culinary spices as well as black, green and red teas. The shop also carries a growing selection of affordably priced organic essential oils, high quality carrier oils, as well as smudges, resins, and incenses. We also carry a unique selection of healing crystals, books, tarot & oracles, along with local artist offerings to help expand our minds and welcome holistic health and healing.

4 Sisters Holistic Remedies offers teas, herbal teas & decoctions, tinctures & glycerides, healing herbs, spices & burnables, essential oils & aromatherapies, crystals & salts, books, oracles & tarot, jewelry & clothing, home décor & metaphysical supplies.

4 Sisters is an inviting and comfortable place to socialize with others with similar interests while providing information & quality products to help balance the mind, spirit and physical b