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Body Language Studio is a dance studio that primarily serves youth, from preschool through high school, by providing them with a safe, inclusive space to learn, grow, create, & express. We believe that ''dance is a universal language'' that gives everyone a voice, & we promote cultural diversity, inclusion, & acceptance of all people & body types. Our core values are education, JOY, growth mindset & excellence.


BLS Acro/Tumbling Kids!
Renton River Days Parade 2023
BLS Tots!
Our BLS Core Values: Education, Joy, Growth Mindset, & Excellence!
Our Award-winning BLS Competition Team
We are the home of the Pacific Northwest's largest youth breaking program!
Our favorite annual tradition - The Nutcracker!
We have hula classes too!


Body Langage Studio: Body Rock Breaking Battle Camp
Body Langage Studio: Body Rock Breaking Battle Camp