King of Kings Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten

King of Kings Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten


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King of Kings Preschool and Kindergarten was established in 1986 to provide the congregation and surrounding area with a place where their children could be taught superior academic skills, socialization techniques, emotional regulation and development, confidence building as well as fine and gross motor development and above all the beginning of strong moral values. We have continued to provide these and hone our teaching skills throughout the years. We offer the Love of Christ to our students as well as a place where they can come to grow into the young learner that they will love to be! We play, sing, discover and grow together in an enriching and faith-based environment designed to bring out your child's innate desire to grow. We have a fantastically diverse student population who speak over 30 languages and share the common bond of friendship. Come check us out and join our community!


Miss Gorman teaching
Miss Gorman teaching
Mrs. Chan assisting a student
Mrs, DaCosta on Field Day
Pumpkin Patch Chapel
Turkey Project
Field Day Relay Race