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Orion is a unique organization in that, on the one hand we are a successful manufacturer, but on the other a non-profit, whose mission is to help people overcome employment barriers through services such as job training and job placement assistance.
There are 3 training programs available depending on a participant's career path: manufacturing/production, customer service/clerical/computer and tele-services. During all phases of training, participants are assessed and receive support and performance feedback from Orion staff. Participants who successfully complete the training receive job placement assistance. As a result of our intensive training programs, Orion's job developers have hands-on knowledge of the participants' strengths and abilities, which helps in setting up successful job matches. .

Orion's job developers work closely with local employers looking for qualified workers. The employers benefit because they get candidates with updated skills who have already been carefully pre-screened by Orion. Orion's training and job placement services are offered at no cost to the job-seeking participant or the employer.


  • Never a fee for Orion's employment/staffing and retention services
  • Applicants who are both drug-screened and background checked
  • Candidates whose abilities and strengths are matched with prospective positions
  • Employees who receive on-going support from Orion to ensure success!


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