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Rebel FP Began...

To bring our community true fitness. Fitness has been highjacked by people in polo shirts, selling memberships to use single plane machines and the hamster wheel of cardio machines. They took from us what it means to move, with strength and purpose.

We're taking it back. Rebel FP was built on the belief that we need to move, to sweat, to find imbalances and correct them, to get stronger, to feel the burn, to laugh, to work out frustration, to celebrate health, to discover that little extra deep inside that you didn't know you have.

Combining industry leading trainers with a blend of proven fitness tools and innovative techniques, we put our community in the best situation to create lasting fitness.

What does that mean for you? It means that you can trust in the fact that we're committed to helping you succeed. You will get the full benefit of experience from Fitness related degrees, nationally recognized certifications and countless years of fitness experience to help you achieve the goals that you want. You will be surrounded by the tools and community to help you stay motivated and make the incremental changes to create lasting change.