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    Turabi Topal started his rug business in 1979 based on the simple belief that long-term customer relationships are more valuable than one-time sales. It is this philosophy and his absolute love of the rug craft that has allowed his business to thrive. Turabi?s very first customers have gratefully been the source of more than three decades of referrals. Today, we remain committed to offering the best service and rugs the area has to offer.

    Home Consultation & Approval

    A rug can be so many things to a room – an elegant echo of a scheme, a minimalist statement to visually quieten a room; it can pull together the disparate elements of a room, harmonising eclectic furnishings; or it can be a bold contrast giving a punch of intense colour.

    To help you get a really clear idea of what’s required, we’ll deliver a variety of different colours, sizes, textures and designs and let you hold onto them – only by living with the rugs and seeing them in the space for which they are destined, do you begin to get a feel for what’s right.
    Custom Rugs

    Some spaces require something unique, so we encourage our customers to explore the endless possibilities of rug design to create something entirely new.

    Our experienced in-house designers are on hand to determine exactly what is required, discuss and draw up design ideas, and give expert advice on techniques that might be most suitable.

    We are committed to making every effort until the perfect rug is created!
    Non-Residential Spaces

    Our rugs can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, restaurants, yachts and retail