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INSURE YOUR LOVE- Life Insurance is Love Insurance- AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCATION CALL ph. 425-260-3262
LIFE insurance is LOVE insurance. Life Happens in a heartbeat. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Life insurance protection does too. INSURE YOUR LOVE.
Dear Members,
Life insurance is love insurance. Life Happens in a heartbeat. Love comes in all shapes and sizes.  Life insurance protection does too. INSURE YOUR LOVE.

All your life, you’ve cared for the people around you.  You’ve helped your family. You’ve been active in your community.  And you’ve supported causes and charities that are important to you.

I’d like to get together to talk about making sure your tradition of care continues by making the most of the wealth you’ve spent  a lifetime building.

Even if you already have an estate plan in place, there are strategies that can help you leave more of what you have to the people and charities that are important to you.  One of the most effective strategies happens to be Life Insurance.

People buy life insurance because they love someone and want to protect them financially.  Life insurance is therefore love insurance. Life happens in a heartbeat.  Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and life insurance protection does, too.  Thru Farmers, I offer and sell 9 different life insurance products, so there is a perfect policy for everyone’s needs, different types with 9 different prices points and cash values to match anybody’s budget. If we cannot find the right, perfect fit with a Farmers life policy, I gladly will work hard to refer you to other reliable expert life insurance agents and insurers.

Life Insurance can help enhance the value of the assets you pass on, or help offset expenses your heirs may ultimately be responsible for.  It can even help provide the funds to pay estate and probate taxes.  Even if you already have some life insurance in place, it’s a good idea to review your options.

There is even Business Life insurance if you own or manage a business. Just let me know which you are interested in discussing.

Please call me at ph. 425-260-3262 to set up an appointment to talk. Together, we can review not just what’s available, but the process itself and how it all works. I know you like to make decisions thoughtfully.  And I’m happy to spend as much time as you need talking things over so you can do the right thing for your family. Why not talk and discuss this with a long-trusted friend like me, vs. talking to a stranger or #800-number.

It’s important that caring for the people you love and the causes you support can be part of your continuing legacy.

Let’s get together soon. Let’s talk directly, in person with a coffee or ice cream appointment, or over the phone.


Charlie Schmidt
a local Farmers insurance agent
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phone: (425) 260-3262
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