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About Us

Merging Vets and Players (MVP) was created in 2015 by Jay Glazer and Nate Boyer to address the similar challenges that combat veterans and former pro athletes face when the uniform comes off. In creating a new team, MVP works to help them find new purpose, meaning, and identity as they face the challenges head-on together rather than alone. By staying connected beyond the weekly peer support sessions through various events, communication, and trusted resources, members experience an ecosystem of support.



MVP "Huddle"
7th anniversary huddle
Nate Boyer, Co-founder, former Green Beret, former Seahawk
"We got your back!"
Jersey swap
MVP and the secretary of the VA, Dennis McDonough
MVP chosen as the "Team of Champions" by Boeing and the Seahawks at the Hawks Salute yo Service game, 2022.
Healthy body = Healthy mind